Manchester's Blockchain Revolution

Manchester's Blockchain Revolution

Manchester Powerhouse

At the heart of our mission lies the essence of cooperation. Reflecting the roots of the cooperative movement in Manchester, our web3 community thrives on the same principle that together, we are stronger.

Giving Back, Growing Together

We’re a non-profit organisation fuelled by the community’s support — your time and resources help us flourish. Every bit goes right back into organising awesome events that keep our community growing.

Connecting Opportunities, Building Bridges

We’re a hub for various sectors diving into web3 tech. We team up with everyone from universities, governments and partners to create opportunities and support talent. We aim to support anyone in our community in their own initiatives, in line with our commitment to web3 adoption.

Learning through Community

Our events? They can be the first steps individuals take into this exciting technology. We’re here to make learning and adopting new tech easier for everyone in the community.

Success in Unity

Ultimately, as our community flourishes, we all thrive—collective success is our aim. Just like the rising tide lifts all boats, our unity ensures that together, we sail towards success.

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Upcoming Event

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Stand with Crypto UK in association with the MBA and Coinbase

Tues 4th June 2024


No.1 Circle Square, Manchester

Stand with Crypto Uk & Manchester Blockchain Alliance join forces to bring some great speakers to Manchester from Coinbase!


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